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Fractional Tech Leadership to Accelerate Your Startup

Fractional CTO

Don’t need and can’t afford a full-time CTO? Use us for a fractional technology executive here in the USA

On Shore Engineers

Dedicated US-based engineers to interface with you

Offshore Engineers

Additional offshore resources for affordable engineering development

Fractional CTO

When your early-stage startup doesn’t need and can’t afford a full-time CTO but still needs technology leadership, you need a fractional CTO.

Right-Sized Engineering Teams

Don’t want a complete in-house engineering team to build your startup idea but still need a dedicated technology team to get your project off the ground? Our fractional CTO can guide you to get just the exact help you need.

Accelerated Delivery of Tech Projects

We believe in delivering small things fast, keeping things as simple as possible, and not overengineering complex solutions that are over budget and delayed.

Taste Supply

Offshore Technology Partner

Fraccelerate your startup